1. Come Again – grumpy hero/sunshine heroine
2. Knock Out – sunshine hero/grumpy heroine

1. Finding Focus (the OG Jiffy Kate book) – Micah and Dani start off as friends while she goes through a breakup.
2. Chasing Castles – Deacon and Cami are friends first, but he’s also best friends with her older brother.
3. Stud Muffin – Cage comes into Tempest’s life at just the right time. She needs a friend more than anything and he’s happy to be that for her… until the lines get blurred.
4. Blue Bayou – Carys owns a boutique hotel in the French Quarter of New Orleans and Maverick Kensington is a real estate mogul in town trying to escape his life. The two become friends as he helps get her hotel back on its feet.

Marriage of Convenience/Fake Relationship
1. Neutral Grounds – Shep needs to marry someone to gain his inheritance and CeCe is in experiencing a financial crisis and needs the extra cash he agrees to pay her.

1. Taming Trouble – Tucker and Piper rub each other wrong… and right. *smirk*

Single Dad/Suprise Baby/Child
1. Taming Trouble – Tucker finds out he has a daughter and the mom is sick.
2. The Setup and The Substitute – Owen Thatcher is a single dad to two adorable kids and Sophie is his daughter’s substitute teacher. Out of desperation, he contacts her to see if she’d be interested in being his live-in nanny.

Accidental Pregnancy
1. The Ace and The Assistant – Ross is the ace pitcher for the New Orleans Revelers baseball team and he hires Casey Carradine to be his assistant. They’ve been acquaintances/friends for a while, so it should be an easy transition, but things get heated between the two of them and one thing leads to another… While Ross is gone to Spring Training, Casey finds out she’s pregnant. The pregnancy is revealed early on and you get to see how the couple handles the life change.

Pro Athlete/Hollywood Star
1. The Rookie and The Rockstar – Bo Bennet is an MLB rookie, playing for the New Orleans Revelers and he meets Charlotte (Lola) Carradine at a benefit. She’s a childhood star turned rock princess. She’s tired of the press and paparazzi, but it’s part of her life and if Bo wants to be a part of it, he has to learn to deal with it as well.

Force Proximity
1. Neutral Grounds – *see above*
2. The Setup and The Substitute – *see above*

Forbidden Relationship –
1. Watch and See – Luke is Harper’s mom’s therapist at a live-in drug rehab. Harper also semi-stalks Luke. Things get dicey, but we take you through the healing process of each character. It’s a bit of a fast start and then a slow burn.

Taboo –
1. No Strings Attached – Jude and Quinn have their “meet cute” at a sex club. She bids on him and their first sexual encounter is that night. Then she ghosts him and he has to work for her attention after that.

CEO/waitress / “From different worlds” –
Table 10 – Nathan is a CEO who comes in the diner Kadi works at, especially for her pie. She’s down on her luck without a safety net and he’s attracted to her and want to protect her.

Second Chance Romance –
1. Chasing Castles – Deacon was Cami’s first everything, but they went their separate ways for a while until she needs him and he’s right there, ready to catch her when she falls.
2. Good Times – Finley and Georgette were each other’s firsts – first love, first time – but when Jette moves to NYC for college, they lose touch, only to end up in New Orleans at the same time five years later.

Opposites Attract –
1. Beef Cake – Gunnar is a beefy Viking MMA fighter and Frankie is a closed-off nurse practioner who doesn’t like violence. In the beginning, they’re an unlikely pair, but soon their similarities start to shine and their differences bring them together.
2. Eye Candy – Vali Erickson is suave and charismatic. He knows how to work a room and get what he wants. Maggie O’Neal is a sheltered, naive woman who still hasn’t broke out of her shell. But when the two of them meet, sparks fly and they end up bringing out the best in each other.


Sports Romance –
1. The Rookie and The Rockstar – baseball
2. The Ace and The Assistant – baseball
3. The Setup and The Substitute – baseball
4. Stud Muffin – ex-UFC / MMA fighter
5. Beef Cake – up and coming MMA fighter
6. Eye Candy – fight promoter/trainer
7. Knock Out – female MMA fighter / trainer

Romantic Comedy –
1. Finding Focus
2. Chasing Castles
3. Fighting Fire
4. Taming Trouble
5. Stud Muffin
6. Beef Cake
7. Eye Candy