About Jiffy Kate

Jiffy Kate is the joint pen name for Jiff Simpson and Jenny Kate Altman.

Together, they spend their evenings and weekends spinning tales and hoping one day they hit a best-sellers list.

You can connect with them and follow along with their shenanigans on social media.


Jiff was born and raised in Louisiana but she now lives in Texas with her two teenagers and her two English Bulldogs, Georgia Rose and Jake. She loves Project Runway, Queen, 80’s music and movies, and the color purple. When she’s not shaping the lives of our future generation, you can find her planning her next vacation to Disney.

Jenny Kate

Jenny Kate is a small-town girl from Oklahoma. She’s a self-proclaimed coffee junkie/connoisseur. Her husband stays annoyed at her taste in music and her teenager thinks she’s weird, so basically she’s winning at life. Between a full-time job as an accounting assistant and her three rambunctious furrbabies, she’s often dreaming about maid services and vacation days.