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Book 2 of the New Orleans Revelers Series

He’s the recently divorced veteran player and she’s the teammate’s “little sister” who comes to his rescue.

The French Quarter Series

Book 4 – Good Times
Now Available!

Finley Lawson and Georgette Taylor have been best friends since high school. They were everything to one another, including being each other’s firsts. Finley assumed they’d be together forever. Georgette had other plans.


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A New Smartypants Romance!

Vali Erickson is the classic middle child—misunderstood, underestimated, and overlooked. He’s fine with it. Really. The overlooked part is actually serving him well during this phase of life.

Margaret O’Neal is an only child who has led a sheltered life. She’s used to being a wallflower. Her ability to blend into the background is what allows her to maintain her anonymity as a gossip columnist for the Green Valley Ledger.

Will this arrangement be what finally breaks her out of her shell, or will her heart be a casualty of the Viking Invasion?

About Jiffy Kate

Jiffy Kate is the joint pen name for Jiff Simpson and Jenny Kate Altman.

Together, they spend their evenings and weekends spinning tales and hoping one day they hit a best-sellers list.

You can connect with them and follow along with their shenanigans on social media.