Hello Friends!

Recently, we’ve had people asking what’s the best way to read our backlist, and honestly, there’s no wrong way! Since we always try to write complete standalones, even in our series, most of our books can be read in any order you’d like, but we’re going to give you our personal opinion on how the books should be read.

First up, our Finding Focus series. This is where it all began:
1. Finding Focus (Micah + Dani)
2. Chasing Castles (Deacon + Cami)
3. Fighting Fire (Micah + Dani continuation)
4. Taming Trouble (Tucker + Piper)

Then, we think it makes the most sense to read:
5. Turn of Fate (previously titled “The Other One” – Tripp + Loren) – we also refer to this book as 0.5 of our French Quarter Collection

After that, our French Quarter Collection, where you’ll see the Landrys make cameo appearances throughout the series:
6. *Blue Bayou (Maverick + Carys)
7. *Come Again (Shaw + Avery)
8. *Neutral Grounds (Shep + CeCe)
9. *Good Times (Finley + Georgette)

Next up, our New Orleans Revelers series:
10. The Rookie and The Rockstar (Bo + Charlotte/Lola) – set in the same world as the French Quarter books and if you’re reading in order, you met them in Good Times
11. The Ace and The Assistant (Ross + Casey)
12. The Setup and The Substitute (Owen + Sophie)

And then, our Smartypants Romance Books:
13. *Stud Muffin (Cage + Tempest)
14. *Beef Cake (Gunnar + Frankie)
15. *Eye Candy (Vali + Maggie) – we make a crossover in this book by having our characters travel to New Orleans

If you’re in the mood for an easy read, we suggest:
16. Table 10 – it’s a 3 part novella series (Nathan + Kadi)

For a spicier read:
17. Watch and See (Luke + Harper) – risque, stalker tendencies, heavier subject matter
18. No Strings Attached (Jude + Quinn) – sex club “meet cute”, single mom, medical field, adventure-seeker

What we’re currently working on:
– Book 4 of our Fighting For Love series w/ Smartypants Romance
– A new standalone set in our French Quarter/New Orleans world
– A new spinoff of our French Quarter series w/ familiar faces

Books with an * beside them mean they’re available in audiobook format. Good Times is actually releasing in the next week!