We’ve got a new cover we’re revealing today for our FINAL full-length novel, a stand-alone, in the Finding Focus Series.

businessman working on laptop  in black suit

November 30th is when TAMING TROUBLE will be available, which is also our 2 year publishing anniversary. We felt like it was super appropriate to end where we started, with the Landrys, fictional people we’ve grown to love so much they feel real.

We’ll continue to visit them from time-to-time through a few novellas we have planned over the next year or so, but this is the official/unofficial end of the series.

We hope you love the final book. Tucker holds such a special place in our heart and his story has taken the top spot in our favorites ranking.

Thank you for taking this family into your heart and loving them as much as we do.

Goodreads –> http://bit.ly/2jQU8wR

Amazon –> http://amzn.to/2jP5ukL

Much love,

Jiffy Kate